Undead Llama turned two years old on Tuesday September 11th, 2013! I was not sure why I started the webcomic on September 11, but now I believe I know.

You may notice this announcement is three days late. That’s because in the wee hours of the 11th, my daughter was born. So, I spent Tuesday celebrating her instead of my webcomic. Plus, not sleeping for two days straight really tends to mess up your sense of time.

I believe it was the sleep deprivation, but I came to the conclusion that my daughter’s birthday and the anniversary of Undead Llama are on the same day for a good reason: so I only have to remember one date. My brain is a little broken like that.

Because of this joyous occasion, I am behind in my comments and visiting others comics. Rest assured, I will get caught up soon. I’ll see you on the net.